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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Prelims booster(Micro notes), current affairs with static portions - 25 December,2019

Swadesh Darshan Scheme(SDS)
  • Ministry of Tourism launched the scheme in 2015.
  • Objective to develop theme based tourist circuits having high tourist value in the country.
  • A National Steering Committee (NSC)will be constituted with Minister in charge of M/O Tourism as Chairman, to steer the mission objectives and vision of the scheme.
  • Scheme is 100% centrally funded.
  • Under the Scheme 15 circuits have been identified for development namely Himalayan Circuit, North East Circuit, Krishna Circuit, Buddhist Circuit and Coastal Circuit, Desert Circuit, Tribal Circuit, Eco Circuit, Wildlife Circuit, Rural Circuit, Spiritual Circuit, Ramayana Circuit, Heritage Circuit, Tirthankar Circuit and Sufi Circuit.
  • First Tribal Circuit Project under SDS will be inaugurated in Chhattisgarh.
Atal Bhujal yojana
  • It is a Rs.6000 crore World Bank approved Central Sector Scheme of the Ministry of Jal Shakti.
  • The funding pattern is 50:50 between Government of India and World Bank.]
  • It Aims to improve ground water management in priority areas in the country through community participation.
  • The scheme will also facilitate convergence of ongoing Government schemes in the states by incentivizing their focussed implementation in identified priority areas.
  • The priority areas identified under the scheme fall in the states of Gujarat,Rajasthan,Haryana,Uttar Pradesh,Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass
  • The Union Cabinet has decided to name the Strategic Tunnel under Rohtang Pass after former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
  • The 8.8-km-long tunnel(cut through Pir Panjal range) is the world’s longest above an altitude of 3,000 metres.
  • It will reduce the distance between Manali and Leh by 46 kilometres.
  • It will provide all weather connectivity to remote border areas of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh which otherwise remained cut off from the rest of the country for about six months during winters. 
Hypersonic Weapons
  • President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is the only country in the world that has hypersonic weapons[weapons that travel faster than Mach5 (~6174kmph)], have the capability to manoeuvre during the entire flight.
  • The first unit equipped with the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle is set to go on duty by Dec 2019, while that the air-launched Kinzhal hypersonic missiles already have entered service.
  • Avangardhas an intercontinental range and can fly in the atmosphere at a speed 20 times the speed of sound.
  • Kinzhal hypersonic missiles flies 10 times faster than the speed of sound, has a range of more than 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) and can carry a nuclear or a conventional warhead.
  • Mach Number:- It is the ratio of the speed of the body to the speed of sound in the undisturbed medium through which the body is traveling. 
Bar-headed goose(also known as Anser indicus)
Bar-headed goose(also known as Anser indicus)
  • It is known to be one of the highest flying birds in the world.
  • The species has been reported as migrating south from Tibet, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia before crossing the Himalaya.
  • It is classified as “Least Concerned” as per the IUCN Red List

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