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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Prelims booster(Micro notes), current affairs with static portions - 27,28,29 November,2019

  • Rectangular cloth, typically of red and white, used in a variety of ritual actions in Assamese culture.
  •  It is valued as a gift for visitors, used as a scarf, anti-dust mask, wrapped around the head as a turban.
  • Assam’s ‘Gamosa’ and a semi-glutinous winter rice variety Chokuwa have earned the coveted geographical indications (GI) recognition in 2019 as proof of their unique geographical origins, thereby getting legal protection to prevent their unauthorized use. 
Etalin Hydroelectric Project
  • The Centre has recommended a biodiversity study of the proposed 3,097 MW Etalin Hydroelectric Project in Arunachal Pradesh by a credible international institute since the current environmental impact assessment was found to be “completely inadequate”
  • It involves diversion of 1,165.66 hectares of forest land for the construction of the mega project in the State’s Dibang Valley district .
  • The project area falls under the “richest bio-geographical province of the Himalayan zone” and would be located at the junction of the Palaearctic, Indo-Chinese and Indo-Malayan bio-geographic regions.
Rohtang Tunnel
  • The Rohtang Tunnel, when complete by sep 2020, will cut through the mighty PirPanjal range and become the world’s longest highway tunnel above 10,000 feet.
  • Now, the tunnel provides a temporary winter link to the outside world not only to residents of Lahaul and Spiti but also to those living in Zanskar Valley of Ladakh.
  • The project also has significant strategic implications for the military as it will allow access beyond Rohtang Pass even in peak winters. 
Golden Rice
  • In the late 1990s, German scientists developed a genetically modified variety of rice called Golden Rice.
  • It was claimed to be able to fight Vitamin A deficiency, which is the leading cause of blindness among children and can also lead to death due to infectious diseases such as measles.
  • Now, Bangladesh could be on the verge of becoming the first country to approve plantation of this variety.
  • The Golden Rice that is being reviewed in Bangladesh is developed by the Philippines-based International Rice Research Institute.
Kolleru lake
  • Not less than 6,000 grey pelicans and nearly 1,200 painted storks have made the Atapaka sanctuary their winter home for breeding. 
  • Atapaka Bird Sanctuary, located in Kolleru Lake on the borders of Krishna and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh has been identified as the largest spot-billed pelican home in the world.
  • Kolleru lake is located between Krishna and Godavari deltas.
  • Kolleru lake was declared as wildlife sanctuary in November 1999 under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, and designated wetland of international importance in November 2002 under Ramsar Convention.
Type of questions asked in Indian Parliament
  • Starred Questions: In starred questions a member desires an oral answer from the Minister in the House and is required to be distinguished by him/her with an asterisk
  • Unstarred Questions: In unstarred questions written answer is desired by the member and is deemed to be laid on the Table of the House by Minister.
  • Short Notice Questions: In this a member may give a notice of question on a matter of public importance and of urgent character for oral answer at a notice less than 10 days prescribed as the minimum period of notice for asking a question in ordinary course.
  • Questions to Private Members: A Question may also be addressed to a Private Member (Under Rule 40 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha), provided that the subject matter of the question relates to some Bill, Resolution or other matter connected with the business of the House for which that Member is responsible.
HIM VIJAY Military Exercise:
  • HIM Vijay is the Indian Army’s biggest mountain combat exercise.
  • It is the first-ever military drill that was held in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The exercise will include troop mobilization, mountain assault and air assault.
Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) Initiative
  • The initiative is aimed at providing a Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) as a developmental effort that would benefit both vehicle-users as well as farmers and entrepreneurs.
  • Compressed Bio-Gas plants are proposed to be set up mainly through independent entrepreneurs.
  • Bio-gas is produced naturally through a process of anaerobic decomposition from waste / bio-mass sources like agriculture residue, cattle dung, sugarcane press mud, municipal solid waste, sewage treatment plant waste, etc
  • Compressed Bio-Gas is exactly similar to the commercially available natural gas in its composition and energy potential. With calorific value (~52,000 KJ/kg) and other properties similar to CNG
  • From December 1, lanes on national highway toll plazas across India will accept toll only through FASTag.
  • The objective is to remove bottlenecks and capture all toll electronically.
  • FASTag is a radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology sticker that can be installed on the windshield of any vehicle.
  • By this, toll payments can be made directly from the pre-paid account linked to it
Double taxation avoidance treaty (DTAA)
  • The Union Cabinet has approved the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) between India and Chile. 
  • The tax agreement helps tax-payers in these countries avoid being taxed twice for the same income. 
  • A DTAA applies in cases where a tax-payer resides in one country and earns income in another.
  • Clear allocation of taxing rights between contracting states through these type of agreement will provide tax certainty to investors and businesses of both countries, thus attracting foreign investment.
Labour Code on Industrial Relations 2019
  • The Union cabinet has approved the Labour Code on Industrial Relations 2019.
  • The code will combine Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, the Trade Unions Act, 1926, and the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946.
  • It seeks to allow companies to hire workers on fixed-term contract of any duration.
  • The code has retained the threshold on the worker count at 100 for prior government approval before retrenchment, but it has a provision for changing ‘such number of employees’ through notification.
  • While this means workers can be hired seasonally for six months or a year it also means that all workers will be treated at par with regular workers for benefits.
Supplementary Grants’
  • Supplementary grants are the additional grant required to meet the required expenditure of the government 
  • Supplementary, additional or excess grants and Votes on account, votes of credit and exceptional grants are mentioned in the Constitution of India.(Article 115: Supplementary, additional or excess grants and Article 116: Votes on account, votes of credit and exceptional grants.)
  • These grants are presented and passed by the Parliament before the end of the financial year.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO)
  • It is an intergovernmental military alliance, established by Washington treaty.
  • Treaty that was signed on 4 April 1949.
  • Headquarters — Brussels, Belgium.
  • It constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party.
  • NATO promotes democratic values and enables members to consult and cooperate on defence and security-related issues to solve problems, build trust and, in the long run, prevent conflict.

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