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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Prelims booster(Micro notes), current affairs with static portions -11,12 November,2019

  • Samudra Shakti is a Bilateral Naval Exercise between Navies of India and Indonesia.
  • The latest edition is being held in Bay of Bengal.
  • The aim of the exercise is to strengthen bilateral relations, expand maritime co-operation, enhance interchangeability and exchange best practices.
NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft
  • NASA’s Voyager 2  has exited heliosphere and has entered interstellar space. It is now at 11 billion miles from the earth. 
  • Voyager 2 is the only probe ever to study Neptune and Uranus during planetary flybys.
  • Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to have visited all four gas giant planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
  • It is the second man-made object to leave our planet.
  • Dhrupad is a genre in Hindustani classical music. 
  • It is one of oldest forms of compositions in classical Indian music. 
  • Dhrupad is a Sanskrit name, derived from words dhruva (permanent) and pad (verse) and in combination it means “pillar”.
  • The roots of Dhrupad are ancient and it is mentioned in Natyashastra (200 BCE – 200 CE). 
  •  One significant characteristic of Dhrupad is the emphasis on maintaining purity of the Raga.
  • Dhrupad was initially sung only in the temples, the singer facing the Lord.
National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd.(NAFED)
  • It was established in 1958, is registered under the Multi State Co-operative Societies Act.
  • It functions under Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Agricultural farmers are the main members of Nafed, who have the authority to say in the form of members of the General Body in the working of Nafed.
  • The objectives of the NAFED shall be to organize, promote and develop marketing, processing and storage of agricultural, horticultural and forest produce, distribution of agricultural machinery, implements and other inputs, undertake inter-state, import and export trade etc.
  • NAFED is now one of the largest procurement as well as marketing agencies for agricultural products in India. 
HS code
  • The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has allocated a separate Harmonised System (HS) code for Khadi.
  • The Harmonised System, or simply ‘HS’, is a six-digit identification code.
  • Developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO).
  • Called the “universal economic language” for goods.
  • It is a multipurpose international product nomenclature.
Zero Carbon Law
  • New Zealand’s Parliament passed The Zero-Carbon Act, which will commit New Zealand to zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • This is the first legislation in the world to make a legally binding commitment to living within 1.5 degrees Celsius of global warming.
  • Reduce all greenhouse gases (except methane) to net zero by 2050,
  • Establish a system of emissions budget.
Nirmal Tat Abhiyaan
  • Launched by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) and Environment Education Division and Society of Integrated Coastal Management (SICOM) under the Environment Ministry will be responsible for its implementation.
  • Aim: To make beaches clean and create awareness amongst citizens about the importance of coastal ecosystems – in Beaches across 10 states / UTs.
  • The campaign will be organized in the beaches after consultation with the state governments.
  • At end of the drive, the best three beaches will be suitably awarded along with a certificate of appreciation for all the participating eco-clubs.

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