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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Livestock census 2019-Relevant points summary

Livestock census 2019Image result for Livestock census 2019

The census was released by the department of animal husbandry and dairying.It show that the population of the livestock is increased by 4.6% .the census periodically conducted since 1019-20.
  • Decline of ingenious cattle population.
  • Population of the cow has increased by 18%
various species of animals possessed by households, household enterprises or non-household enterprises and institutions are counted at site — both in rural and urban areas.
Importance of the livestock:- 
It is important for the economy,society and cultural point of increase the income of the rural household and generate of the food in rural and urban areas,food security,nutrition security.
Issue in the sector

  • Poor quality of breed
  • Shrinking the grazing land
  • Low productivity
  • Lack of scientific tools
  • Excessive number of unproductive animals
  • Late maturity of the breeds
  • Health of the cattle 
  • Unskilled labour
  • Lack of farmer industry connectivity
  • Low research and development 
  • High export duty

Way forward

  • National breeding policy
  • Encourage the common people to participate in the policy
  • Animal health infrastructure 
  • R&D
  • Private Investment 
  • Training

It helps to attain double farmer income by 2022 and Nutritional Security.

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